The service allows clients to predict, timely identify and eliminate security threats to the personnel and resources of the facility. When performing services, the work of all physical security systems is carried out in the client’s facility taking into account all necessary security aspects. We will consult the type of security system required by each of our clients. Security systems are crucial to boosting business efficiency and preventing losses due to weak security measures. 3 reason why clients need a security system:
It is required to equip new or reconstructed facilities with security systems;
Existing systems do not meet clients requirements for reliability, convenience and cost of maintenance;
It is necessary to modernize the existing security systems in order to bring them into line with the regulatory requirements.

High-End Surveillance System

The top security cameras offer you a great combination of video quality, price, usability, and durability.

There is a security system designed for your needs, regardless of whether you are a large company with many employees or you are a small business owner who runs your business from home.


We provide CCTV installation services for both Conventional CCTV and IP CCTV Surveillance System 
Conventional CCTV
Conventional video cameras are not equipped with motion sensors, therefore they do not record sound, integration with third-party services is difficult, and there is no signal encryption. However, equipment in this category is very common and has a variety of models, while equipment from different manufacturers is compatible with each other.
IP CCTV Surveillance System
A digital video camera is connected to a local network by wire or wirelessly to a router/switch. In the router interface, it is assigned a unique IP address, which is used to configure audio and video settings, save recordings and other functions provided by the camera itself. Video surveillance systems are connected to the cloud using a firmware version of the equipment integrated with the computer, or even through a cloud storage site.

Alarm System

We provides services for the development, installation and maintenance of security alarm systems.

Security is a necessary condition for a comfortable life and work, since the level and equipment of the security alarm system largely determines how safe and confident you will feel. 

Theft, malicious damage or burning can be avoided. At the same time, the installation of a security alarm system allows you to minimize all those risks, not only for property, but also for the life and safety of your employees or your family.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

A monitoring system called an intrusion detection system (IDS) looks for abnormal activity and sends an alarm when it occurs. A security department or incident responder can analyze the problem and take the necessary steps to eliminate the threat based on these alerts.

Gate Barrier Systems

A excellent, inexpensive option to increase protection and privacy, watch over, and manage the flow of traffic into and out of your property is with barrier gates. Barrier gates are suitable for residential area, car parks, shopping centres, commercial buildings & etc.

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