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Who We Are

SENSE SOLUTION SDN BHD is one of the leaders in information and communications technology (ICT), focuses on the development of businesses and non-business organizations in various fields towards digitization.

We are constantly following the latest ICT trends to ensure our company remains viable in the ICT industry and able to meet the growing demand for digitization. We offer high quality of work and reliability of the proposed solutions. We only use products from the best and trusted ICT product manufacturers
With integrated ICT solutions, SENSE SOLUTION SDN BHD aims to assist businesses in achieving their business goals
We work on the entire life cycle of the project, from the idea and identification of needs - the selection and piloting of the solution - up to implementation and further support. Our working principle is based on building long-term relationships with our clients, choosing a modern solution depends on the specific needs of the customer’s ICT infrastructure, further support and implementation optimization solution. In addition to delivery and implementation services, we offer professional consulting and audit services for both ICT infrastructure as a whole and individual solutions.

Company History

SENSE SOLUTION SDN BHD was established on 7th April 2015 with an initial registered capital of RM 100,000 to operate the business of engineering, designing and connecting IT solutions, including providing comprehensive maintenance and maintenance services for various technology systems, held by a group of engineers and IT experts with more than 20 years of experience in information and communication technology.

Inspired by management team's vision led by Mohd Syamsuri Bin Che Mud, SENSE SOLUTION SDN BHD Chief Executive Officer, who believes that digital revolution will determine how people live in the future. To accommodate the expanding client demand and keep up with the rapidly evolving technology trends, the company has made significant investments in both human resources and technological advancements.

After more than 7 years in operation, we have successfully enhanced our reputation among ICT companies and has greatly helped businesses from small and medium industries to heavy industries (oil and gas, education, banking, medical, agriculture & etc) that wish to transform their business model or service delivery frameworks to be relevant in the digital era. The company has earned the trust of both public and
private sector organisations.

Our Core Values

We are devoted to creating a successful, long-lasting, international business with a distinctive corporate culture for our clients. Our shared desire to provide excellent service to our company, partners and clients is fueled by our 5 corporate cultures:


We are constantly looking for new talents and improve the professional level of our employees.

Information Security

The quality of our products is based on strict technological discipline and the use of modern management techniques. We care about the privacy of our clients' information


In all areas of the company's activities, we strive to use the most modern global practices. Constant change is the natural state of a company.

high tech

We offer our clients solutions using only the most modern technologies.


We are responsible for providing the best quality and giving our clients the best.

Road to Success!

The Internet has dramatically revolutionized many different fields. It has become a global communication tool in our daily life. In order to accelerate the development of a new industry, ICT services are absolutely necessary to meet the growing demand. As an ICT service provider, we are always looking for new opportunities to strengthen our services. 

Prepare your business for digital transformation

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SSM REGISTRATION NO. : 201501013882
Sense Solution Sdn Bhd, the leading provider of comprehensive ICT services, ready to serve as consultant, supplier and support to drive business and non-business organizations towards fully digital.
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