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Sense Network Solutions at Glance

Sense Network Solutions is a wholly a Bumiputera company. The main purpose of its establishment is to become a consultant company and contractor for the networking system, telecommunication system, automation system and Multimedia System Integrator or other similar in a professional manner. The company started its operation in 5 Jun 2014 and form of business is as a partnership.

Sense Network Solutions intends to be more successful company and make sure to become a company that is viable and capable of putting it in line with other consulting companies and professional in field. In the through observation and research has been made to this field, the company always be aware of the latest developments and new technology as well as the needs and desires of customers. The appointment and offers have been received from our customers shows that the company is able to provide services and handle the projects which offered with the best performance and strives to provide a high commitment to our customers.

In facing the future with an increasingly challenging environment, the company has developed a variety of measures to ensure that the organizational structure is more robust with consider to the advice of another consultants / professionals, updating the administration, strengthen financial funds, research, triggering a brilliant idea and the marketing strategy strategic.


Sense Network Solutions will provide the best service in an effort to make every service and project carried achieve the objectives.


Sense Network Solutions will continue to strive to become a Bumiputera company that successfully and competitive.


Sense Network Solutions will become a professional consultant in networking system in assisting the government's desire to see the bumiputera company as a respected entity on par with developed countries.

Business Operations

As a Network Consultant, Telecommunication, ICT & Multimedia Master System Integrator covers ranges of industries including but not limited to the public and private Network, Intelligent Traffic System, Sense Network Solutions is committed to the quality of services given.

To us, that means:

• finding ways to incorporate existing technologies with newly-emerging technologies,

• doing the research necessary to secure the best technologies available in the market,

• giving our clients sound, dependable and cost efficient solutions for their ongoing business and communication needs so that they can keep pace with a rapidly changing environment,

• Structuring systems to be easily expandable for meeting tomorrow’s needs.